Hopkin Welding Equipment Manufactures High Quality

Quick Connect Cable Connectors,
Lugs, and Splicers

About Hopkin Welding Equipment

Hopkin is an OEM parts manufacturer located in Madison, Pennsylvania, about 30 miles southeast of Pittsburgh.

We've been supplying welding cable connectors, lugs, and splicers to the welding industry for over a decade.  In 2014, we acquired Bernard's lug and connector line of products.

Hopkin History

Hopkin Welding Equipment is owned by Scott Hopkin, whose 22 years in the welding industry have uniquely positioned his company to supply the highest quality parts at affordable prices. Scott started his career as a Manufacturing Engineer with the Weldit Division of National Torch, eventually rising to the level of National Torch Tip General Manager.

Prior to working with National Torch Tip, Mr. Hopkin managed his family's machining and fabricating company, whose customer base included businesses in the Nuclear, Air Pollution , Outdoor Power Equipment, Rail Transportation, and Scientific Instrument fields.

In 2003, Scott Hopkin was stung with the entrepreneurial spirit and so Hopkin Manufacturing was born, a contract machining and fabricating company serving primarily OEM's in the welding industry.

Today, Hopkin Welding Equipment remains an OEM manufacturer, providing the same parts directly to our distributor network. Hopkin will also be developing new products in the years ahead, some of which are even now moving through our research and development process.

High Quality, Made in the USA

At Hopkin Welding Equipment, we are proud to state that the parts we offer, the machines we use, and even the copper and brass for our finished pieces are all USA based.  High quality tools and materials, in the hands of our experienced machinists, means the product you buy is of the finest workmanship.

Learn more on our Made in the USA page.

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